terry dean
Terry Dean is one of those musicians who has always been there. From the early days playing town halls with the Premiers and the Strangers, the epic stretch with Bluestone and up til the present with Dean and Carruthers, Terry has the knack of knowing what the audience likes. As a result he has continuously created his own work. Apart from his guitar shop in Essendon keeping him very busy, his duo with Gary Carruthers keeps him in the public eye. The fact that he hasn't seemed to age one bit obviously helps. What a talent.
Episode with - Terry Dean
out and about
Soozie and Chrissy just happened to be in Los Angeles and decided to drop in on the gorgeous Max Merritt who now lives there. Max is currently on dialysis 3 days a week which makes it almost impossible to fly back to Australia to visit. However things are looking up, and we all wish him the best of health. He was in very high spirits and the girls had a lovely lunch with him.
Also we feature the talented Leslie Avril, who despite the lack of any commercial airplay, just keeps flicking that skirt and stompin' them boots wherever she can. What a voice!
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joe creighton
Joe Creighton is one of those faces you know, from some band you've seen - right? Well let me tell you he has played with the best. From Mark Gillespie, through Farnham, Olivia, Kylie, and many many in between, Joe is up there with the best bass players Australia has produced. He came here from Ireland in his teens and has made Australia his home. Joe is also an incredible singer/songwriter with his own cds, and is currently touring his Van Morrison tribute band 'Into the Mystic'. This man would have some juicy stories to tell, unfortunately not to us, though we tried!!
Episode with - Joe Creighton
roadies reunion
On the 25th November 2012 Wrokdown was invited to film at the ARCC Roadies Reunion, along with every crew member who worked in the Australian industry pre 1983. When the music industry crunched to a virtual halt in the mid 80's, many of them were left jobless and alone, as they had worked together like brothers. Roadies were an imperative part of the scene, and they took their job most seriously. They were dedicated, and ruthless in the pursuit of safety of everyone concerned, and this first ever reunion reunited a totally amazing bunch of people. Watch on youtube
normie rowe 1
An icon of the Australian music industry, Normie Rowe has never stopped working. And there is a reason for this. He never stops working even when he's NOT working! From an industry point of view, this double episode is right up my alley as he talks about the rise and fall - what we were and what we have become. You won't get a lot of talk about Norm's history, as most of this is written in a thousand and one books and blogs. What you will get - however - is what makes this man tick. I have taken a few pages out of his book, and I hope you do to, specially if you are on a musical journey.
Episode with - Normie Rowe Part 1
normie rowe 2
If you loved the first half, please watch the second.
Episode with - Normie Rowe Part 2
ross wilson 1
I first saw Ross Wilson with Daddy Cool at the 'Reefer Cabaret' oh so many years ago, and he blew me away. He had his own style and all the right moves. Quite a few years later I saw him with Mondo Rock and what got me was that no matter where I stood in the room, he was looking at me. His onstage communication skills were and still are outstanding. Am I a fan? Yes! Along with thousands of others. So I was mesmerised by his interview, and I hope you are too.
Episode with - Ross Wilson Part 1
ross wilson 2
The second half of his career
Episode with - Ross Wilson Part 2
grace knight
The Eurogliders, to the Eastern states, seemed to come out of nowhere, polished and professional. They were a fantastic Perth band with very catchy commercial songs, written mostly by guitarist Bernie Lynch. But Grace Knight was the one everyone looked at. She had the moves, the voice, and the great clothes (I remember!) for the 80's. Little wonder the band ended up on America's MTV awards a year later with a charting hit 'Heaven'. Grace is a wonderful, gorgeous, and witty interviewee, and recently released yet another cd of jazz standards 'Keep cool fool'.
Episode with - Grace Knight
bananas 2
Following the success of the Bananas reunion, Jef Risk held another at the St Kilda Memo. The line-up was awesome, some great bands and great faces. Of course there was John Swan, love him muchly, and the guys from La Femme reformed for the gig. Soozie and Chrissy were there for the interviews, including Alex Burns, John Dallimore, Roger McLachlan and Ken Murdoch, who was the MC. Audio of the performances wasn't that hot, but we snuck in a bit of footage of Rob Riley and his band. Watch on youtube
joe dolce
When Joe Dolce burst onto the scene with Shaddap you face, it was an avalanche. The song was written years before, just jottings on notepads while listening to his Italian relatives chattering at family get togethers. It was really hard to get any interest, and Joe paid for his own recording, and with the help of Chris Lofven did a music clip, THE music clip. Finally Mike Brady said he'd lend a hand, and with his knowledge and contacts the song just took off, and not just in Australia - all over the world. Six million copies of the single sold worldwide! Hear Joes story - rags to riches
Episode with - Joe Dolce
roadies reunion (repeat)
See above.
Aired earlier this season, unfortunately the whole episode wasn't shown, so it's back by popular demand!
out and about
Our last episode for this series is presented by Soozie and Chrissy, and firstly features Gil Matthews and Neale Johns, because 'At the Mountains of Madness' has been remastered and repackaged by Aztec Music, and fans of Blackfeather will be overjoyed. Then Peter Cupples did some performances in Melbourne and kindly allowed the girls in for a 'quickie' interview before one of the shows. And for the final interview, they caught up with Geoff Achison, world reknown guitarist, who was mentored by our own Dutch Tilders and has gone on to be a much revered musician. And that's it folks, until the next instalment.