2013 Episodes



It's always a thrill to have Peter Robinson on Wrokdown. He is a gorgeous man, with a huge and varied history. Joey Amenta, guitarist from Taste and many other bands, provided a spot of humour. Just love Joey. We played clips from Andy Jans-Brown, Famous Will, and Soozie interviewed John Paul Young. Wendy did an out and about with world renown Australian legend Diana Trask, and we finished with a song from Diana's new cd 'Daughter of Australia'.  Watch this episode HERE.
We managed to snare Brian Cadd during his 'Sharkey and the Caddman' tour, and as usual he was most entertaining. And after the cameras stopped rolling he sang a couple of his hits to an enthralled audience. To top the night off, Keith Glass was in Melbourne for 2 weeks, and he came in and talked about his record shop in the US (yes - records) and how the industry has turned around over there to good old fashioned music. You must see this, because it was 2 amazing icons discussing a very important subject. Also on the show, Soozie and Chrissy interviewing Bob 'Bongo' Starkie, comedian Elliot Goblet, a clip by young Jessica Paige, and the new song 'Hate and Love' by Caddie and Glenn Shorrock.  Watch this episode HERE
It's always an absolute pleasure to run into Keith Potger, and extra special if he comes on the show - in fact, we don't need a comedian! Halfway through 'The Seekers' tour he spent the evening with us, along with Brenden Mason and Andy Burns from 'Madder lake' with their new cd and clip 'Badlands'. We also featured a clip from young Melbourne singer/ songwriter Jude Perl, a new song from legendary keyboard player Don Walker, and Soozie and Chrissy were out and about with Phil Manning. A fun filled show as usual, with Keith singing a couple of new tunes at the end.  Watch this episode HERE.
Wrokdown was invited to interview the legendary Australian artists singing at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne early in 2013. Many had been interviewed on the show before, but Soozie Pinder and Chrissie Cavarra were able to have a chat with Ross D Wylie, Colleen Hewett, Tony Worsley, Dinah Lee, Glenn Shorrock, and Normie Rowe. There is also an interview with the shows producer Jeff Joseph here.  Watch this episode HERE.
One artist that deserves much greater exposure on our screens is the legendary Bob Bright - Bobby to all you young teenyboppers! He has a new cd called 'Child of Rock & Roll' which is all new material, and you get to see his newest clip. Also on the show are John St Peeters and Marty Rhone with their song 'Legends of the Southern Land' which is being used as a theme for many events including the NRL final. There is a clip from Kooyeh, a new one from The Basics featuring Wally de Backer, and of course Soozie and Chrissy with their interview with Ross Hannaford. See you there.  Watch this episode HERE.
Russell Morris was our main guest of the night, recorded live at Musicland in Fawkner which has the absolute best facilities. We feature 'Sheppard' - an up and coming young band, talented Lee Bradshaw with a stunner of a clip, Pommy Johnson - comedian extraordinaire, Soozie and Chrissy with a great interview with Jon English, and to top it off, Russell treated the audience to a couple of his new tracks from 'Sharkmouth'. First cab off the rank at the brand new live studio in Fawkner, Melbourne, and I hope this is our home for a long time to come.    Watch this episode HERE.