pete tindal
Formerly of 'The Cherokees', Pete 'Rattlebone' Tindal left Australia in the early years and basically travelled around the world living 'the life of a Bluesman' before finally settling in England. From his there, he records his cd's and travels over to the States to play and sell his product. Every now and again he comes home, and this time hopes to persuade the rest of the band to reform. A funny bloke, and great catching up with musicians from bands that we've never forgotten.
Episode with - Peter Tindal
Wendy was singing at this fundraiser for ROCAN - Rotary Ovarian Cancer Research - so I grabbed the camera and went over to the Palms at Crown because the bill was pretty awesome. Grace Knight, Normie Rowe, Ray Burgess, John Swan, Marty Rhone and the likeable John St Peters who helped put it together. So we did some interviews for your pleasure. This episode also includes our new segment 'Out and About with Soozie and Chrissy', and they interview Mick Pealing at his 'Songs of Andy Durant' show.


The second lot of interviews from the ROCAN benefit show at the Palms at Crown. Also a couple of interviews from Soozie and Chrissy - this time with the wonderful Russell Morris at one of the young muso mentoring sessions, and then on to those fun crazy guys from Absolutely '80's. Scott, Dale and Brian are kicking up a storm around the country so gals, get your 80's gear on and head over to a show near you.
billy miller
By far one of the funniest interviews we've had yet!! Billy Miller is one of those blokes who has been there and done everything, but you don't hear about him much these days. We hope to change that! We all remember him with the 'Ferrets', but he had many other bands and was even in the cast of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Over the last few decades Billy has been producing cds, notably for Stephen Cummings, and still plays around Melbourne.
Soozie and Chrissy are 'Out and About' again, this time with the wonderful Kevin Borich.

Episode with - Billy Miller

bananas reunion pt 1

Once upon a time in St Kilda Melbourne there was a venue called Bananas. From the mid 70's till 1982, every musician of note either played there or spent every misspent moment they could just hanging out. In April 2012, Jef Risk - a former manager, roadie and bouncer - organised a Bananas reunion and got many of the old musicians, bar staff, door bitches and roadies together for this fantastic gig. Wrokdown's 'Out and About' girls Soozie and Chrissie were on hand to hear the old stories and add to the filming - and teach everyone the sharpie dance. And I mean ....EVERYONE
bananas reunion pt 2


The second half of the show!!!!!
our industry - fightback
We are stepping up our campaign to expose the state of our industry. This episode includes information about the amount of money which disappears out of our country into the hands of overseas songwriters and record companies as the result of the last Fair Trade Agreement signed by an Australian Government. Without leadership we don't have a say in government, which results in at least 75% of fees paid by businesses to royalty collection agencies disappearing OS. This money should go to the pockets of Australian songwriters. We also continue our push for live music and expose the closing of venues due to stupid council laws. Watch on youtube
peter cupples
History would probably show that, faced with the choice between football and music the former would prevail. But we are so lucky that Peter Cupples chose the latter. His best known band Stylus took off in leaps and bounds and was the first white band to be signed with Motown Records. Unfortunately the A & R guy who signed them left and the band broke up soon after. Peter is still touring so catch him around. This episode also features an 'Out and About' where Soozie catches up with the gorgeous Ron Sandilands.

Episode with - Peter Cupples

pete tindal
........................................................................... Repeat of episode 1 when everyone missed it because it wasn't listed in the TV guides.
age of rockers
Another of our fundraisers was held earlier this year, and true to our form we featured artists that you haven't seen on TV for yonks. Some of our regulars that you all love did their bit - Neale Johns, Ronnie Charles, and of course Mick Pealing who after all is part of the Wrokdown team, all backed by Gavin Carroll and the Wrokdown circus. The night was hosted by the gorgeous Jeff Phillips who has never lost his touch, Marcie Jones was a rockin' grandma, and our special surprise guest was none other than Robin Jolley who we plucked out of musical retirement. Judge for yourselves, none of these have ever lost it! And Soozie and Chrissy were there to film it all. Watch HERE

mick fettes
From one of our most beloved Aussie groups of all time, Mick Fettes and Madder Lake never parted company over all these years. Mates from school, the guys are still the best of friends, and though Mick became a family man and school teacher, he and the band are working on a new cd as we speak. They were one of the first bands to sign with Mushroom Records, and were also the opening act at one of the Sunbury concerts. Unfortunately their footage ended up on the cutting room floor. Mick has suffered a few health issues lately, but you'd never tell from this interview.
Passed away 21/11/16 Watch on youtube HERE
Soozie and Chrissie get out a lot these days, because there are so many great gigs going on around Melbourne town. These gals are out to show you what you are missing out on!
'Interviews' includes:
Madder Lake
Renee Geyer
Alex Formosa Baudo and band
Rusty Brown (Electric Mary)
and Broderick Smith
Youtube - watch this episode here
tribute to darryl cotton
One of our most beloved singers passed away early this year, and true to form (he was the one who organised EVERYTHING!) Darryl Cotton plotted his own concert to raise money to support his family after his death. Well his friends turned out in spades, too many to list here, including Wendy Stapleton, Jim Keays, Russell Morris and Ronnie Burns who played with him over the last 10 or so years. The 'Concert for Daz' was held at the Palais in St Kilda, and organised by Jeff Joseph and Graeme McKee, and had Darryl been there he would have been absolutely chuffed. Soozie and Chrissy were there to get the good stories backstage.
Watch on youtube here