C31 8.30pm Saturday night 19/09/15
It was a big night at the last Wrokdown episode for 2015 when the Chantoozies appeared.  Wendy told us they were great company, and very funny, but Tottie, Eve and Ally had decided they wouldn't talk over each other.  However this was short lived, and they ended up having us in stitches!  Soozie was out and about with the elusive Daryl Braithwaite, who is still in great demand and continues to draw huge crowds.  We play a clip from Pip Joyce - Catcher in the Rye - originally co-written by his brother Gerry who has since passed on.  And we all love the new Chantoozies single 'Black and Blue', written by Tottie, and we enjoyed the clip at the end of the show.  Back next year.  Wrok on!!  Watch this episode HERE
We're very lucky here at Wrokdown because we've had internationally renown singer Judith Durham on our show TWICE!  Since Judith was hospitalised, then toured with the Seekers, she has been as busy as ever.  In fact you'd never know that she was ever ill.  She's in fighting form.  We had a huge audience for this episode, and Judith received a standing ovation at the end and she didn't even sing!  Soozie Pinder was out and about with Billy Field, and I learned a lot about him that I'd never known.  There's Mick's Picks as usual with Mick Pealing promoting new music from his radio show at 96.5 Inner FM, and we play a beautiful new song from Kasey Chambers called 'Is God Real?'  At the end of the show we play a track from Judith's dvd called 'It's time to leave'.  This is a truly beautiful song which she wrote about leaving her family on yet ANOTHER tour.   Hopefully there will be many more.  Watch this episode HERE
Athol Guy, the Seeker with the glasses, was this weeks guest.  Athol was on to talk about his newest accomplishment - 'Georgy Girl - The Seekers Musical'.  This will be a smash hit to be sure!  Anyway it wasn't the only thing Athol talked about, as he is a very interesting chap.  His mate Buddy England (see what I DIDN'T do there) is part of the whole kit and kaboodle, and came on to lend a hand and sing some songs at the end for the audience.  Buddy has been on before, but he didn't sing, so this was a chance to hear if his voice was still working.  Sure was!  Soozie Pinder was out and about with Mal Eastick from the 'Stars' as she is helping them reform.  Mick Pealing gave another cd a radio plug, and we played a song 'Survive'  from  Aussie girl Grace Marino.  She just has an amazing voice.  A fun night was had by all.  Watch this episode HERE
We're absolutely rapt that we finally got the gorgeous Colleen Hewett on to our humble show.  And what a tale she tells!  We found out that her great grandfather was a coloured man called Starlight, who came out to Australia and became a famous boxer.  Now we know how she got her magnificent voice!  Colleen also talked about her new song 'Shut up and let me breathe' which we play at the end of the show, having suffered from domestic violence herself.  We have our regular spots with Micks Picks, and Soozie Pinder out and about with legendary guitarist Mal Eastick.  And Anita Monk, Wrokdown producer - in keeping with the violence thread - had a clip of her song 'When did we stop believing in Santa Claus'.  After the show, Colleen performed some songs from her new cd 'Black and White' with amazing musician Anthony Bafunno.  Just for the audience.  Wish you were there now - don't you..........!  Watch this episode HERE
Since he was last on the show about 6 years ago, Mike Brady has continued his work in the media, adding stints on Melbourne music radio.  But more importantly to Wrokdown and his fans, he has released 2 new cds, the latest 'Bloodlines' with a distinct Irish sound resulting in some really beautiful songs.  Soozie was 'Out and about' with Jon Stevens, and Mick Pealing delivered his 'Micks Picks' from his Wrokdown radio show at 96.5 Inner FM.  We played a clip from Melbourne band The Life of Riley (LOR) called 'Trigger Happy' and at the end of the show our studio audience were treated to Mike singing the 'Song of Whispered Sighs' from his new cd, and a fantastic version of 'Up there Cazaly'.  And of course we all sang along.  An absolutely brilliant artist!  Watch this episode HERE
It's always a pleasure to catch Ronnie Charles at a gig, because his voice is better than ever.  And it's extra special to have him on Wrokdown when he has good news.  His album 'Prestidigitation' from the 70's, recorded in England with the London Philharmonic Orchestra has been remastered and is coming out soon on vinyl and cd.  Soozie Pinder was out and about chatting with Pip Joyce about his new cd Rejoyce - a dedication to his brother Gerry.  We play a clip from Meghan Trainor 'Dear Future Husband', and a song from a great Sydney band 'Uploaders' called "Are you ready" Mick Pealing reviews Nikki Nicholl's cd on 'Micks Picks', and at the end of the show we have a live band Robert James Kirk and the Sisters of Sin with "Stumble Fumble Rumble".  Watch this episode HERE
Phil Golotta started his career in one of the longest running Australian acts - 'The Blue Echoes'.  An extremely good showman, Phil fronted the band for many years, and then left to start Westside Talent Agency.  An astute businessman who cared about his bands, he would be out most nights of the week checking on their performances and also looking in on newer bands wherever they were rehearsing.  Since getting out of the agency, he is now back singing with renewed fervour.  We feature clips from young upcoming WA artist Emi Green, a beautiful song from our own Jimmy Cupples, and best of all we premier a brand new song from Phil himself!  Soozie Pinder is out and about with Ross Wilson at a recent Mondo Rock revival show.  And Wendy - well - she's been there, done it all, and knows absolutely EVERYONE!  Watch this episode HERE

Some artists just keep persevering, putting out cd after cd over their lives, and some seemingly disappear.  Ross D Wyllie didn't disappear, really, he just decided to set up a video shop and get out of the industry.  But I was at the Palais Theatre 2 or so years ago, when he made an appearance at the Go!Show along with all the other fabulous musicians of the Go!Show era, and like everyone else I shed a few tears to see this wonderful icon sing his hits after so many years. 
On this episode Ross tells Wendy Stapleton of his life as a compere and pop idol.  Also we premiere music clips from John Swan (Swanee), Andy Jans-brown, and Soozie Pinder is out and about with Bernie Lynch (Eurogliders) in Perth.  Boy that girl gets around!
Watch this episode HERE
Those of us that remember Mark Holden from the old days remember a sweet young thing singing in a white suite with a red carnation in his hand.  So after seeing  him hung out to dry after a recent TV show we decided to right the wrong and bring him on.  Half our studio audience came along to see a clown, and in 5 minutes they saw what a captivating person he really is.  And what a history!  We also include a song of Marks - 'Berzercus' from the 'Holden Brother's Travelling Circus' package, a beautiful song from Dinah Lee - 'Cathedral Square', and Soozie Pinder conducts yet another interview with Todd and Mark from Dragon.  They just can't keep away from her!  Watch this episode HERE

Photos by Lawrence Pinder
Finally our first episode for 2015.  It's been a difficult year for Channel 1, so sorry for the wait.  This episode features the gorgeous Nikki Nicholls with her new cd 'Bridesmaid', and Eric McCusker (Mondo Rock) - singer/songwriter extraordinaire.  Nikki has had a brilliant career, starting with 'Brian and the Juniors', and this is her first ever cd with self penned songs.    Soozie was out and about with the 'Choirboys', and we feature a song 'Lately I'm confused' from Sydney band 'Love Child' and of course the clip 'Bridesmaid' from Nikki's cd.  It's really heartening to see artists from our era finally being promoted and talked about on our commercial media, and we will continue to keep up the good work!  Watch this episode HERE.