Episode 1 - Mike Rudd and Peter Robinson

Legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist Mike Rudd features in our first episode. A performer in past bands Spectrum, the Indelible Murtceps, Ariel, and the Heaters, Mike is still writing great music. Wrokdown is pleased to feature one of his new songs, "Rocket Girl" on the show. Mike talks about his earliest experiences in bands, associations with people such as Ross Wilson and Ross Hannaford, and his long lasting musical relationship with Bill Putt. So long, in fact, that they are still joined at the hip.

Visit their website http://www.mikeruddbillputt.com They are regularly playing around town. Check them out!

Episode with Mike Rudd and Peter Robinson

Sherryn Love, our roving reporter, interviews Peter Robinson from The Substitutes, arguably the best 60's band currently playing around Melbourne. Peter, originally from "The Strangers" and Peter Reed from "The New Dream", form the rhythm section of this exciting act. Visit their website at http://www.thesubstitutes.com.au
Episode 2 - gavin carroll

As Derek Guille said to Wendy on the ABC, "What a shame that this program wasn't on 2 years ago".
But 2 years ago we were blase and indifferent about our rock legends, until the untimely death of Billy Thorpe, and also that of our infamous guitar hero, his friend Lobby Loyde.
Gavin Carroll was Lob's bass player on and off from 1978 till last year, and talks about the innovative and progressive style of Lobby's songwriting, and his dealings - somewhat questionable - with the entertainment industry. But Lobby was a gentleman, and anyone who knew him wanted to be his friend, as shown by the number of people in the band room on any one performance night!
Unseen before footage of his second last gig, when in some spots he was obviously having trouble, show what a trouper Lobby was to the bitter end.
Episode with Gavin Carroll and Ronnie Charles

Ronnie Charles, lead singer of "The Groop" with hits like "Such a lovely way" and "Woman you're breaking me" is interviewed by Sherryn Love. He has a band called the "Retrobandits" and you can catch them at both the Elwood and Kew RSL's. They also perform at many private functions.

episode 3 - the pardoners
Glyn Mason and Sam See are The Pardoners, and they are a couple of funny guys! Having played in bands such as Stockley, See and Mason, Spectrum, Chain, John Farnham Band, and Flying Circus, these two are a dedicated and professional duo from a very important era of Aussie music. They perform live in the studio "Say a Prayer" from their recently released self titled CD.

Visit their website http://www.pardoners.com.au They are regularly playing around town.

Episode 3 link

episode 4 - trevor young

Often when groups disband for one reason or another, drummers seem to be left on the shelf. Well not this drummer! Trevor Young has established a very successful career in the music industry since leaving the Coloured Balls.

With the contribution of many well known musicians of the same ilk, Trevor has put together a compilation cd/dvd package of original songs by these artists, and he has also released a cd of his own original material, titled Some Drummer

Trevor is an innovative musician and truly an inspiration to many.

Unfortunately Trevor passed away after a long illness 2/2/14

Episode 4 - Link

episode 5 - brian mannix

This 80's Aussie pop star has had an eventful career following the huge success of Uncanny X-Men.
Brian Mannix has been making short films whilst continuing to write songs. Join us as he talks to Wendy about his up-coming feature film, which is dark, humorous, and VERY VERY Brian.
We wish him the best of luck as he breaks into the film business.
Also featuring in this episode is a new song from
The Atlantics called 'Point Zero' Episode with Brian Mannix
Barry Smith - ex Town Criers - After the Town Criers disbanded, Barry went on to form "The Fabs" who did exceptionalbusiness around town. Barry fantastic vocals are now featuring in

Mid Life Crisis MLC are a great Melbourne cover band and Barry looks like heís heading for more success with this talented group of musicians

episode 6 - jimmie sloggett (max merritt)

Describing someone as a legend can be used a bit loosely these days, butJimmie Sloggett is exactly that - a legend! He has been Max Merritt's saxophone player on and off for over 40 years, and we were overawed at this man's pedigree. While we would have loved to have the great Max Merritt himself on Wrokdown, due to circumstances Jimmie stepped up the the plate admirably. We feature footage from the last big concert Max and the Meteors played at the Melbourne Casino, plus a new track Max called "Say you Will" which Max wrote for his daughter's wedding.
If you are interested in a copy of the dvd/cd, go to


Episode with Jimmie Sloggett
Neale Johns Episode with Neale Johns

Neale is very forthright in this interview as he talks about the music industry in its infancy, and the disenchantment experienced by him and many others over the years. Musicians in other countries during the 60's and 70's had the advantage of learning from other's mistakes, and as a result hired outside parties to look after their interests, whereas, many of our artists were left at the end of the day, with no money and large debts.
It may sound like sour grapes until you drink in the fantastic new songs
that Blackfeather are now writing and performing and you realise that it is, instead, a well rounded, full bodied wine..

episode 8 - dutch tilders

If we judged a musician by the amount of awards they had won, then Dutch Tilders would probably be heads above the rest. One of our most enduring legends, Dutch did his first paying show in Australia as a young boy playing 'The Happy Wanderer' on the harmonica! He bought his first guitar at 17 and the rest is history.

Dutch Tilders lost his battle with cancer 24th April 2011. I'm sure your thoughts and best wishes made his last days that much better.
Dutch Tilders Episode with Dutch Tilders

episode 9 - bob valentine

Wrokdown is primarily about the music. Good music, written by great songwriters. So this particular show is about probably the best song ever written about our town. Penned by Mike Brady and Bob Valentine, "That's Melbourne", sung by Bob with the divine Rhonda Burchmore, is a fantastic big band swing number. They gave us permission to make a clip using some of their own footage, so we hope you love it too.

Bob also tells some great anecdotes from the Roxy, where he performed for ten years with the "Lonely Boys".

Episode with Bob Valentine

episode 10 - debra byrne

We finally are able to have a female guest, which excited our mostly female cast and crew! Debra Byrne is a much loved all-rounder from the original cast of "Young Talent Time", and she talks about the transitional pitfalls of going from a child star to a working adult entertainer. Her own experiences should be a lesson to all, as she made it through!
Debra also tells why she wrote her book, plus many other things about her life in general. She can be contacted via
Westside Talent Agency.

Episode 10 - Deb Byrne

episode 11 - swanee (john swan)

Early in John's career he was a drummer with both Lynne Randell and Blackfeather. Despite practically burning himself out by the time he was 17, he came back fighting in the eighties, and has now done it again. We feature his self penned song 'Trouble' wonderfully produced by Mark Moffat, from his new CD 'Have a Little Faith'
You can catch up with all things swan-like at
Episode 1 1- John Swan

Episode 12- Ken Murdoch

Back in the late 70's a very young band came on the the scene. The name was 'Taste' and it was on everyone's lips. With four of the best musicians Melbourne had to offer - the youngest being Joey Amenta at 15 - they wrote and played like seasoned veterans. With a sound much like the 'Who', they had one hit record - 'Boys will be Boys' - before disbanding and each going off to have their individual careers in music.
To the delight of all followers 'Taste' have reformed, and Ken Murdoch talks about the good old days, and the new cd.

episode 13 - russell morris

One of our most enduring legends, Russell Morris has continued performing, writing and recording. He has been consistent with his quality over the years, and even when denied radio airplay he kept up the flow, while playing with people like Ronnie Burns, Jim Keays, Darryl Cotton and most recently Brian Cadd.
He regales us with his stories of early recordings with Ian "Molly" Meldrum, specifically about the long hours spent on 'The Real Thing', and how Molly came to be one of the most innovative producers of the time.

Episode 1 3- Russell Morris