2014 Episodes



As there are very few artists in Australia that we haven't as yet interviewed, it is onto phase 2 of your favourite show.  We now present the one hour variety show where we not only have your favourite artists talking to Wendy, we have also incorporated younger Australian artist's clips as well as those of our legendary artists, comedians, special guests, and if time and space allow it, live bands.  We hope you enjoy the new format.
Our last show for the year, and this one is a very special one.  Jeff St John hasn't been interviewed since the early 80's, and our own Soozie Pinder packed up her cameras and with Laryssa Faulkner tracked down Jeff in WA and took off for the wild west.  Our live studio audience came to Musicland to watch this fantastic interview, along with Wendy, Phil Manning and Soozie.  Though Phil never played with Jeff, he was on many a bill with him and provided some 'interesting' thoughts- to say the least!  For those of you that don't remember Jeff he is one of our finest artists, and though he performed sitting down due to a childhood illness, it never diminished his stage act and passion.  Click HERE to see his performance at the 2000 Sydney Paralympics.  Watch this episode HERE
The gorgeous Cookies were the guests for this show - Margaret, Wendy and Beverley.  Best known in Australia as the backing singers for Marcie Jones, there was a lot more that these girls did both in Australia and overseas, including stints with Sir Cliff Richard among many other names.  We include a clip from Steve Clisby from his new cd, and Soozie Pinder was out and about and found Eric Wiederman from '1927' at the Blackberry Jam.  The Cookies performed for the audience at the end of the show and I've managed to fit in one of their songs - a tribute to the Bee Gees.  We were thrilled to see them sing at the recent Go!Show as they are a class act.  Watch this episode HERE
Soozie Pinder was out and about, and along with Laryssa (camera) and me, we were invited into the dungeon out the back of the Palais Theatre to interview some of our legends that were performing on the night.   Mick Flinn of the Mixtures along with his wife Donna Jones (aka Pussyfoot) were most affable, along with Idris Jones and Fred Wieland.  The Mixtures reformed for the show so that was a bonus for the audience as the members have lived overseas for many years.  Mike Brady was wonderful, and talked about his new beer, and also his relationship with Joe Dolce that culminated in the sales of millions of records.  We also interviewed Jeff Joseph, producer of the Go Show since the very beginning. Watch this episode HERE
Bruce Rowland is a world renown Australian composer who started his career playing keyboards on the Go Show in the 60's.  He wrote thousands of jingles, thousands of songs for the 'Magic Circle Club', and has composed music for 46 films.  Best known for composing the music for 'The Man from Snowy River' - and receiving an AFI award for it - Bruce also conducted the orchestra for the start of the Sydney Olympics.  If you dream of a career in music and take all the right steps, and work really hard, you may just achieve half of what this great man has achieved.  Brilliant interview Wendy. and awesome interview with Jeff Duff too Soozie!  Watch this episode HERE
It was wonderful having Johnny Chester back at Wrokdown in front of a live audience, and obviously he is a crowd favourite.  John is still writing and recording, and we debuted his new song 'Alone'.  Then we finally got to meet Noel McGrath, the author of 'The Australian Encyclopaedia of Rock' in 1978 which was a best seller.  Noel went on to TV and radio as a rock historian, and now writes self help books.  Soozie Pinder was out and about with John Prior - drummer from 'Matt Finish'  - who related some personal experiences with the late Matt Moffitt.  We finished this episode with a tribute song to Jim Keays from fellow musician Peter Tilbrook.  Watch this episode HERE
From the first ever episode, it was obvious that our favourite and most successful Australian musicians not only had music in their bones from an early age, but it was nurtured and fed.  So we invited in Bob Spencer and Neale Johns to discuss the situation with Wendy.  Along with our own Soozie, all 3 teach music in different forms to children at under privileged schools with amazing results.  Not every child is an academic destined for university and study, and our education system lost its way a long time ago.  Children need art in all its forms at school to help them and studies have proved that music aids in education.  Watch this episode HERE.

Photo Lawrence Pinder
The last show of this series we decided we would try an 80's theme, and managed to snare entertainer extraordinaire Brian Mannix.  Ever controversial, Mr Mannix didn't let down the side, and we had to get a special rating just for this episode - I think it is an 'R',  so keep your children away from this one because Manno didn't pull any punches.   Soozie Pinder was out and about, and got an interview with Jon Stevens, and also one with Murray and Don from MiSexPaul Norton has been an integral part of our production team since we started our new format, so we hauled him up on stage as well.  All together it was a thoroughly amusing and informative show, and we will be doing more 80's artists in the coming months.  Watch this episode HERE

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One person we just love catching up with is John Swan.  He is entertaining and interesting, and will always open up about his misspent youth if it means he can save a handful of kids from heading the same way.  For this reason he has been inducted into South Australia's Hall of Fame, as he spends a lot of time using his music to help people of all ages.  One can spend one's life in the pursuit of happiness, but John will be the first to tell you that the greatest contentment comes from helping others.  He also has a new cd, out REALLY soon!
Soozie was out and about, this time catching up with Matt Taylor from Chain.  Matt has always been elusive as he lives in Western Australia, but this time the stars aligned.  What a great bloke!  Watch this episode HERE

Photo by Rockin' Ronnie

Early in 2014 we lost one of our most highly regarded musicians - drummer Trevor Young.  Known most notably for playing with Lobby in the 'Coloured Balls', Trevor was also the one called if a drummer was sick and as a result played with a multitude of well known bands.  He was a doer, and this tribute we held brought out all his friends to talk about what an amazingly talented, LOUD, loyal and supportive friend Trev was.  I don't have enough room here to list those that appeared on the show, but at the end they all got up and played - for Trev - for you - and for the history of Australian music which will never be forgotten as far as Wrokdown is concerned.  Watch this video HERE

The Marc Hunter 15th Anniversary tribute show was organised and produced by Alex Formosa Baudo and held at the Espy in St Kilda in 2013.  Alex was a good friend of Marcs, and Soozie Pinder interviewed him extensively.
The artists who contributed their time to this show were John Swan, Brian Mannix, Mick Pealing, and Dale Ryder, and they were backed by an equally impressive band.
This episode includes footage of the night, with songs from both Dragon and Marc's solo career, and interviews with the performing artists.  Watch on youtube here

Photo Lawrence Pinder
We all love Mick Pealing!  He quietly works in the background promoting Wrokdown on his radio shows and at all his gigs.  Singer from the 'Stars', he currently has 3 working bands.  Mick also recently recorded some songs for 'Chopper - the musical' which will be coming soon.  Frank Howson, producer, director and writer along with composer Warren Wills, was also on the show.  Soozie was out and about with a fantastic interview with Don Walker.  What a lovely guy!  We also feature 2 songs from the musical, one sung by Mick and the other by Kelly Auty, and a new song from 'The Weeping Willows'.  Watch on youtube HERE

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Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you would know that Australian bands get very little commercial media coverage.  On this episode we try to get to the root of the problem.  Paul O'Gorman, who many of you will remember from back in the day when he was a singer/songwriter, is now a music lawyer, and we got some very good tips from him about how to set your band up.  Also, Soozie was out and about and managed to grab John Prior, drummer from Matt Finish, who is heading the charge for musician's rights.  Our studio audience all agreed this was an enlightening episode.  We also featured new songs from Gary Hammond and Kelly Auty.  Watch this episode HERE