According to Mary Renshaw, good friend of the late Bon Scott, a lot of untruths have been written about him, so she and friends John and Gabby Darcy have written a book 'Live Wire - Bon Scott' to tell their side of the story. Mary was a young fashion designer at the time of the 'Valentines' and stayed friends and exchanged letters with Bon till the time of his death.
Howard Gable is a record producer, starting with EMI first in New Zealand, then moving across to Australia. He came to Melbourne to work exclusively at Armstrongs, producing many records with bands such as Spectrum, Zoot and Masters Apprentices. Howard was quite happy to discuss with Wendy the way the record industry has changed since those heady days, and believes that somewhere out there is another Michael Gudinski with vision and purpose for a new industry.......

As this is our last show for Channel 31 in Melbourne, producer Anita Monk made an appearance on the couch to explain our reasons for not continuing with their web based show. We thanked everyone who has been a part of Wrokdown, or sponsors and our amazing studio audience, many who have not missed a taping. We will be still be seen on Foxtel Aurora for a few months, and then after that, who knows. But we will NOT give up trying to further our cause of putting great songs back into our media. Watch on youtube HERE

C31 9.30pm Saturday night 02/07/16
Dennis Smith would not be a name most would recognise, but we were privileged to have one of Australia's most hard working promoters and producers as our guest.
Dennis originally started training to be a radio announcer, but quickly moved into TV, and produced 222 episodes of the Go! Show for Channel 0. He has amazing recall on the early days of TV, and worked different shows as an associate producer. Going out on his own, he has toured many bands in Australia including Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Sir Harry Secombe, Cliff Richard - just too many to mention here. And he also managed Barry Humphries for 13 years, which is a whole episode in itself.
We play a clip from Mick Flinn - 'Road to LA', and a newie from the 'Monkees' - 'She makes me laugh'. And Soozie was out and about with Bop Girl Pat Wilson, who is still performing around Melbourne.
Watch on youtube HERE

C31 9.30pm Saturday night 25/06/16
I vaguely remember the furore in 1964 when Dusty Springfield toured South Africa and was deported after only 4 shows, due to her contract stipulating that she only play to mixed (black and white) audiences during the apartheid era. Our special guest Doug Reece was her MD and played in 'The Echoes' who backed many artists of the time, and tells the story. We also feature a life clip of Doug singing a duet of 'Mockingbird' with Dusty. Soozie Pinder was out and about with Gwyn Ashton, Aussie guitarist who is now based in the UK. And our second special guest on the couch with Wendy is guitarist Bob Spencer (The Angels, Skyhooks) who is currently recording his first solo cd. Bob used crowd funding to back his songs and he gives insight to how the whole system works. We finish off this episode with the clip for his first song 'Who are these people', Bob's tongue-in-cheek views on his facebook feed!
Watch on youtube HERE

C31 9.30pm Saturday night 18/06/16
With another Go!Show coming up this year, we were open to all suggestions, and happily we were able to comply. John Rupert Perry, the original singer from 'The Vibrants' graced our stage, along with the cute (am I allowed to say that?) Mick Hamilton. The Vibrants are reuniting for the Go!Show which will make a lot of fans very happy!
Also, one of Australia's favourite guitarists Chris Stockley has done his first solo cd, and seeing as new material is the new 'thang', we grabbed him between gigs. He came from England when a teenager, and was quickly snaffled by only the best bands. I'll leave him to tell the story, but I've got to say, he is one of the most respected musicians going around.
As Soozie was on leave, we snuck in a couple of clips, a very haunting one by the recently departed David Bowie - RIP -and one by young Aussie band 'Ablaze'. And thanks to Pepe Ciccia for the pics too, while Lawrence Pinder was away. Chris serenaded us with some of his songs at the end of the show. It was a highlight! Watch this episode HERE

C31 9.30pm Saturday night 11/06/16
A chance photo on facebook led us to the extraordinary singer/songwriter Hans Poulsen. I had been quietly searching for him since the beginning of Wrokdown over 8 years ago, and only a very small handful of people knew of his whereabouts.
Wendy and I went to his lovely home in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne, and heard his amazing tale of illnesses and recoveries that plagued him around the world in his quest for enlightenment, love and songs. For those who don't know, Hans suffered a stroke in the 's which put paid to his travels, but didn't totally stop him writing and producing cd's, all which are available through a facebook site. Hans is the epitome of what Wrokdown is about, and I'm so proud that we are able to bring you his story, and also to let him know that we don't forget....... Watch this episode HERE
To order any Hans Poulsen cds, click HERE.

C31 9.30pm Saturday night 4/06/16
This gorgeous girl in the middle is no other than international star Samantha Sang! And what a beautiful addition she was to our stage. Samantha was born into an entertainment family, and she was born to sing. Her rise to international stardom was relatively quick, helped along by Barry Gibb who heard her sing when she was in the USA for the second time, and gave her the choice of two songs. She chose 'Emotion' and the rest was history, selling something like 6 million copies worldwide! But things never go to plan, and her early adventures to America were rocky to say the least. But - she survived.
Also on the show, Soozie Pinder is out and about with the 'Life of Riley', fantastic Melbourne rock/blues band. And we also feature a recent song from 'Seal' called 'Do you ever'.
Watch this episode HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 16/04/16
In 2015 iconic Melbourne band The Thunderbirds were inducted into the Age Music Victoria Hall of Fame, and we finally got Murray Robertson - their esteemed pianist - onto our stage. Because of the type of work the band did, only high calibre musicians were used, and many of these went on to have prestigious jobs in the industry. Soozie Pinder was out and about interviewing Dangerous Curves, a great young rock band from Geelong who were in the finals of Musicland Band Wars. And lastly, members of Taste - Ken Murdoch and Michael Tortoni - came to have a chat about the new cd, and also jazz club Bennett's Lane which Michael has just sold. We also played a new clip from Def Leppard called 'Let's go', and premiered Taste's new clip 'I am God'. Love it guys!! Watch on youtube HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 09/04/16
Ronald Clayton was not only the Ted Mulry Gang number 1 roadie for the duration, he was also counted as a member of the band. Therefore there was nobody around better to write this book 'It's a Roadies Job' which describes life on the road, far from loved ones, the isolation, and why there is such a high suicide rate among this section of the music industry. The Australian Road Crew Association has been set up as a support aid and fund raising site.
Russell Morris also came in to our studio at Musicland to promote his newest cd 'Red Dirt Red Heart'. He's choofing off to the USA to showcase his songs, and we all say About Time! This episode also features 'Stay with Me' - one of Ted Mulry's last songs, an interview with Aussie country rock band Rattlincane, and a live song from Russell - 'Nullarbor Sand'. Watch on youtube HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 02/04/16
I'm sure you'll never forget that gorgeous young heartthrob who bounced onto Countdown singing a song about denim. Well here he is now all grown up! But the still very cute Marty Rhone has done a lot more than Countdown over the years, including singing on London's West End in a production of 'The King and I' with Virginia McKenna and Yul Brynner. Marty has also many acting jobs under his belt in film and television, and is on the verge of doing a tour with the 'Legends of the Southern Land'.
Soozie Pinder
secured an interview with gorgeous rock chick Vicki O'Keefe who has just released a brand new original cd called '50 Diamonds'. And we proudly feature a new song by young Aussie band Sisters Doll, who we have been supporting since they came to our attention over 6 months ago. We wish them every success in their quest for world domination! Watch on youtube HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 26/03/16
Tribute to Johnny Hawker
A few years ago now, Wendy and I made the trip to Woodend in Victoria to catch up with one of our most beloved couples in the industry - Anne and Johnny Hawker. John talked about being born in Bristol and almost fighting his parents because he didn't want to come with them to Australia. Since John's death on the 14/3/16, I've edited the whole interview which was much too long when we only had a half hour show, and I've added some footage of the Johnny Hawker Big Band and some recent interviews with some of the players. John was one of the integral cogs in the original wheel, and we feel it's our duty and absolute privilege to present his story. This episode is also airing on Foxtel Aurora on the same date. Watch this episode HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 19/03/16
OMG two drummers in a row! The drummer is usually the guy that sits up the back hidden by cymbals and quietly forgotten, but not Mark Kennedy. Some drummers are so exceptionally good that they are noticed even by the 17 year old schoolgirl standing on the dance floor back in about '74 (me) when he was with Ayers Rock. Mark played with many bands, and was a much in demand session drummer. Very interesting interview.
Also on the show is Peter Tilbrook, who played in the early Master's Apprentices, and has written a tell-all book about the band and the 60's scene, called 'A Master's Apprentice, Living in the 60's'. This book has been flying out the door, so I suggest you find a copy. It's a great read.
Soozie was out and about with Simon Gallaher, producer extraordinaire, and it's a sad week ,as just as we had taped this episode Jon English, Simon's friend, tragically passed away. We finished this all off with a song 'Who I am' by great Melbourne country rock band Rattlincane. Watch this episode HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 12/03/16
We've been trying to get Geoff Cox (Coxy) on Wrokdown for years, but he's always been off somewhere else. We waited and it paid off. Phew - what a busy guy. A drummer, a radio presenter and a tv star means Coxy is seldom out of work. He is just as you'd expect, a funny guy with lots of funny stories. Loved teasing poor Wendy, Soozie Pinder did an out and about with her favourite find Sisters Doll who are heading out to take over the world. And we reckon they'll do just as well as 5 Seconds of Summer - another great Aussie export. We feature their clip 'Hey Everybody' and also a fantastic new song and clip from the legendary Dave Gilmour called 'Rattle that lock'.
Watch this episode HERE

C31 9.00pm Saturday night 05/03/16
In her early career, Diana Trask decided to go to America rather than England and it paid off for her big time. She mixed in circles that others would only dream of, and was a major part of 'Sing along with Mitch" (Miller). I'll let her tell her own story because it's too big for this small space, but she is very candid about her triumphs and failures. If you are trying to recall her name, she had a huge hit with 'Oh Boy' in the 70's.
Diana spent many years with her husband cruising the seas in their yacht and she recalls a frightening experience that had us reeling!
Soozie does a wonderful interview with Billy Miller who recently released a new cd, and we played a clip from a band called Little Big Town. At the end of the show Diana sang us some beautiful songs she'd written and we ended the show with 'You don't know him'. We were very proud to have such an amazing international solo artist on our show. Watch this episode HERE