Series 6



ray burgess  
40 years later, and the first pop star I ever saw in the flesh - on MY show!! Ask any girl of the era and they get that little sparkle in their eye because we all loved Ray Burgess.  His hit songs weren't the most deep and meaningful, but rather than complain about it, he went with the flow using his good looks and easy charm in other ways.  He hosted 'Flashez', was a regular singer on the many variety shows going round, and also a regular on Graham Kennedy's 'Blankety Blanks'.  Ray still works in radio and community and is still a hunk.....
  tony barber
How a funny little shy artistic boy ended up where he is now is really a story of how, if you believe in yourself, you should grab every opportunity as it presents itself.  The teenage Tony Barber paid his 10 pounds and hopped on a boat bound for Australia, and almost straight into the arms of a swaggering young Billy Thorpe and the nightlife of Kings Cross.  You wonder how Tony made it out alive!  But what I love about the guy is he pursues every idea to the nth degree and I don't think he knows the word 'can't'.  Herein, folks, lies a lesson in self-motivation!
Featured clip Geoff Bridgford 'Ordinary Man'

rod stone  
Another great Aussie band from the late 60's was The Groove featuring Rod Stone on guitar.  Who can forget 'Simon Says', 'Soothe me' and 'Relax me'?  18 months after forming, they won the Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds and took off to England where they tried but unfortunately failed.  However Rod stayed on and managed to score many tours and sessions.  Coming back to Australia he hooked straight into the session scene, earning a comfortable living playing on the soundtrack of films including 'The Man from Snowy River' 1 & 2.  One of our finest guitarists for hire, Rod was a pleasure to interview in our brand new studio.
  our industry
In the 60's when the Australian music industry was flourishing, it was an amazing time for both the artists and the public.  Snap to today and we are languishing in comparison.  Bob Valentine, producer Anita Monk and Wendy spent 40 minutes discussing everything from lack of venues, record company and commercial radio support, liquor licensing laws, Countdown versus Idol, and if that wasn't long enough I had to edit it down to a half hour show!  However it was just a general discussion and we would like your input.  A longer version can be found by clicking here
barry smith  
Fondly named 'Mr Sparkle' by our very own PR girl Anita Sulcs, Barry Smith has never lost his boyish good looks and charm.  Neither has he lost his wonderful voice, which is why we book him for our shows.  Starting his career with the 'Town Criers', you would have seen him then with 'The Fabs' and now with 'Mid Life Crisis' with a few in between.  He was and still is a loyal band member, building up a following and I guess never having any enemies, unless you happened to be the boyfriend of the girl he bestowed his smile on.  We all love him!!
  issi dye
If you can't remember Issi Dye, you'd have to be from another planet.  In the day when versatility was the key, he had it all.  From singing hit songs to hosting the late night movie show, Issi was everywhere you looked.  In my opinion he would have been the perfect host for a variety show - flair, personality, and communication - man, can he talk!  When work in Melbourne dried up, he packed up his family and moved to Queensland to work in the clubs, and has recently moved back to Melbourne where things are moving again, slowly but surely.  An enterprising entrepreneur - look out for his Jolson show - one of his many great tributes.
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robin jolley  
40 ish years ago, a jingle for a sewing machine transformed into a hit song for Robin JolleyMarshall's Portable Music machine may make you cringe these days, but you can't say you don't know it.  In fact the tune just popped into your head now!  I was surprise to learn that after his huge success with this Brian Cadd song, Robin moved into television production roles, and his name would have been on the credits of many very well known variety shows.  Which ones???  You'll just have to watch to find the answer.
  roger savage
Back in the 60's, a young engineer followed his heart to Australia and became one of the most important sound engineers in the history of Australian music.  From producing the 'Rolling Stone's' first single in England, Roger Savage has come a long way and now owns and runs Soundfirm in both Australia and China, a world renown sound post production company.  A seemingly very shy person, he is also very humble, so it was up to Wendy broach the subject of his Oscar nomination because he certainly wouldn't have!  This interview was a privilege.

gary mac  
Back in the day when you were nobody unless your song was heard on the radio, Gary Mac was one of those jocks - you know the ones with the smooth voices and well pronounced vowels.  Gary was around in the day when the best music played, and it sure was an exciting time to be a dj.  Every artist whether they were national or international was interviewed, and not just the 2 minutes they are afforded these days.  And who can forget the bands around the beaches in summer, or the beach girl quests?  And I'm sure Gary has many more stories than he told us.......
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  jeff phillips
Jeff Phillips was flown over from Perth to appear on IMT in the 60's when in his early teens, and from there his career blossomed.  No only could he sing, but he had fantastic compering skills, and should have been nurtured by TV in those early days.  He hosted many music shows including 'Sounds like us' before packing his bags and spending fruitful years in the UK and US.  Still sporting good looks and much charm Jeff joined the cast of 'Cats' as the Rum Tum Tugger.  You would have seen him, but not recognised him!  Still in the biz.

david johnston  
While David Johnston is not one of our Aussie legends from the 60's and 70's, I vote for him as a 'special' legend, because not only did he self publish his book 'The Music goes Round my Head' but he is donating ALL profits to Support Act.  You could count on one hand people in this industry who put others first, and David does this because of all the pleasure these early artists gave to him in his life.  He is also in a band 'The Dukes of Despair' who have released their original cd 'Wood Wire and Skin' and you can check out their youtube video HERE.
  steve harley
As with most big international stars, Steve Harley is MOST giving with his time and MOST approachable. Like other OS legends he also knows that community media is where it is at in Australia, and he was all over it!  As usual Wendy started with Steve's childhood which gave us a great insight into his love of the word and therefore his entry into journalism before music.  I learned things I'd never known because of the communication gulf between Australia and - well - anywhere!  This is a gulf which will be bridged in our next series mark my words. Oh and Steve has a brilliant new cd due to be release soon.   Stay tuned!