Series 4



jeff duff C31 9pm 13/6/09
Some may say he is eccentric, some may say he is weird, but we LOVE Jeff Duff, or Duffo to many.  He made his mark in the 70's in Australia, then went to the UK and made headlines!  His publicity agent had a pretty easy job - just sit there and Duffo will get all the publicity plus more in spades.  But to Jeff it was all in a days play.  
We caught him while he was in Melbourne doing a Kush reunion gig, and he was inspiring.  He has 9 different acts on the go at once!  

karl van est

As radio was such an integral part of the 60's and 70's, we asked  top rating EON FM Jock Karl Van Est to give us his opinion of radio over the years.  In his heyday, music radio relied on music, rather than the antics of the presenters.  And the jocks themselves were professional, well spoken, and loved their music.
Those were the days (remember) when if you weren't heard on radio, the odds were that you weren't heard at all!
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benny gallagher

We were especially honoured when, after hearing that Benny Gallagher from the 70's duo Gallagher and Lyle was in town, we were offered an interview.
The duo originated from Scotland and as well as having hits themselves with 'Heart on my Sleeve' and 'I wanna stay with you', they wrote 'Breakaway' for Art Gunfunkel.  They also wrote for many other world class acts while they were signed up to Apple Publishing working under non other than Sir Paul!
This is an opportunity to see how artists were treated on the other side of the world.....

kevin borich

One of many musicians who took part in the bushfire benefits, Kevin Borich made the trip down to Melbourne specially.  As Wendy was also on the bill, we thought it was about time we did a proper Wrokdown interview.  It was nice to see the man was still fighting fit, and his guitar playing as awesome as ever.
He brought down a copy of his latest DVD 'Borich X Borich + Brus - Live at the Basement', which you can get at his website.  It includes 'Saved by the Blues' which you will see at the end of this episode.


It was the first shoot in our new studio, and who better to interview than the first person we interviewed in our old one.  Back to see us was the wonderful Mike Rudd, and during the interview Bill Putt joined Wendy and Mike and put in a word or two.  Our studio audience was in for a treat, with Judith Durham joining with Spectrum on stage for a rendition of 'Summertime'  which has finally been posted on Youtube.   They also performed their new single 'Xavier Rudd is not my son'.


 judith durham

One of our most beloved singers and famous exports, Judith Durham of Seekers fame was both witty and modest as she spoke of her very personal journey through the years.  There are no pretences here, just a lovely girl who happened to join a band that captured hearts all over the world.  A truly memorable interview by the wonderful Wen, and thoroughly enjoyed by our newly acquired studio audience. 
Judith also sang a rendition of Summertime with Spectrum.
You can enquire about her book, and all her cd's at

bob 'bongo' starkie

Well I, probably like many of you, thought that Bob Starkie was one of the quiet members of that infamous Australian band Skyhooks.  Compared to the post band antics of both Shirley and Red, Bob has basically kept out of the limelight.  In fact if you saw him walking down the street he wouldn't be at all recognisable.
But when the band was formed by Greg Mcainish, the rule was exactly that!  Skyhooks took off, and the normally quiet Bob had a lot to say about those heady days.  A very entertaining interview, and VERY strongly edited.  Our studio audience thoroughly enjoyed it!

bill armstrong

Not forgetting the production side of our marvellous musical history, we were indeed chuffed to be able to interview the dapper Bill Armstrong.  Still going strong at 80, and forever busy with media commitments, Bill, who was of course Armstrong Audio/Video delighted us with his recollections and of course his famous wire recorder.
He also bought the license for EON FM in Melbourne, which overtook the AM band as the top rating radio show in the 80's.

ron tudor and ernie rose

Ernie Rose, producer and engineer, promised us he would find some VIP's for Wrokdown, and true to his word he brought along the remarkable Ron Tudor, pictured here with Ernie, Wen and Bill Armstrong.  Ron told us the amazing story of the beginning of Fable Records, which happened in the midst of the radio ban where radio stations couldn't play music from the big companies unless they paid a fee.
This is a must see, as we were all gobsmacked at the power wielded by those record companies, and how Ron managed to come through to record and promote so many wonderful Australian acts.  There was so much  information that we have made 2 episodes.

gary spry

Before Melbourne became the number 1 place for bands in the 60's, our entertainment venues consisted of coffee shops, town halls and jazz clubs.  Gary Spry had lived in America for a short time, and when he returned opened up 'Pinocchios' in Toorak Road.  Before long he was booking the cream of Australian talent, and the queues stretched hundreds of yards down the road.  The history of Australian pop/rock is not only about the wonderful musicians, but the promoters and managers that accompanied them.  This is a story from the other side......
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Garry Spry - talking about violence in venues and the liquor licensing laws in Victoria.......

mick pealing

Everyone has their favourites, and here at Wrokdown we DO listen to you when you email us asking about a particular person.  Finally, here he is, Mick Pealing.  Formerly of 'Stars', Mick (pictured here with Wen and Gary Young) is a softly spoken humble kind of guy with a voice you could die for.  He is one of those quiet achievers, still writing and performing to his loyal following. 
This is the sort of artist that Wrokdown is all about, so keep emailing us.

ian 'molly' meldrum

The last interview for this season had to be left for Ian 'Molly' Meldrum, a legend in his own time.  He goes back as far as Go Set magazine, 'Kommotion' and the 'Go Show' before he became the reluctant host of 'Countdown'.  I suppose what we love about Molly is that he is humble.  He is quite happy to take the mickey out of himself, leaving the door wide open for his peers, accepting all jibes with grace.  He has no tickets on himself, and in the world of entertainment interviewers with their fancy clothes and rehearsed questions, he is a breath of fresh air.  And he's ours!!. 
We all love ya Molly