brian cadd                                                       

As Brian Cadd tells it, "lucky Brian was again in the right place at the right time".  But as we all know, there were probably a lot of other musos there too, without  the talent of this great songwriter.  With the ability to diversify, he grabbed hold of every opportunity which passed his way, changing his style, and producing other acts in the downtime.

A riveting interview again, thanks to Wendy!

toivo pilt                                                                    

Sebastian Hardie were a big part of the Melbourne scene in the 70's, and we were surprised and delighted when Toivo Pilt, their keyboard player, made a special trip down from Sydney to be on the show!  Back then they  toured with 'Focus' and 'Santana', and they reformed to do the 'Yes' tour in 2003.  Some of the original members have their own projects on the side, and you can check out
Toivo's band Tramtracks here.

gavan anderson                                              

Better known as 'someone's guitarist', Gavan Anderson is a welcome guest on Wrokdown as he is an experienced songwriter with new material recorded on CD and available on his web site.  Over his long and diverse career, Gavan has played with Bluestone, Normie Rowe, Yvonne Barrett, Russell Morris plus many more, and now MDs for Andy Cowan.

                                                                                     john newhill

Most musicians who have been around since the 60's will now be saying "I can't believe you got that guy on telly!"  But to all of you who don't know, John Newhill has been photographing musicians since 1967, so it was a great chance to be able to interview a very important man who was there when it was all happening.
"Tomorrow is Today" is a book on the psychedelic era, incorporating photographs of bands, fashions, interviews,  releases and publications  and other relevant material.
We were also pleased to have one of the writers - Ian Marks - who helped editor Iain McIntyre compile all the literature.
Sadly John passed away 13th July 2018

kevin borich                                       

Sherry Love managed to corner Kevin Borich at one of his Melbourne shows.  What a blast!  In a very frank interview, Kevin talks about his recent cancer scare, and how he came out the other side - a survivor.   Armed with this knowledge, he now gives a helping hand to the Cancer Society.
Using footage from his double DVD 'Live at the Big Cohuna' which is available at his website we also play his new single 'Heart Starter' from his CD of the same name.

mike brady          

Mike Brady has had a very interesting and full life.  From his humble beginnings as a young immigrant singing in concrete wash houses at the camp in the Exhibition Gardens, then doing a tour in Vietnam in a band, to writing the unforgettable 'Up there Cazaly', he uses his life experiences to fuel his songs.
Now as a consummate writer across all styles, he has recorded a new country album, available at his web site Bradyworks.

                                                             keith potger

It was such a pleasure to have Keith Potger on our show.  For someone who started off in 1962, Keith certainly doesn't show his age!
The Seekers, even though they weren't a rock band as such, knocked bands like the 'Rolling Stones' off their number 1 spots.  In the 60's decade of diverse musical influences, they certainly held their own in a very competitive industry.  Keith still writes and records cds, and you can find them all at this web site.
This interview on youtube.....

franciscus henri                                            

Many of our 'younger' viewers (under 50), will probably know Franciscus Henri as 'Mr Whiskers'.  But for those of us who remember a refreshing folk album called 'Gabriel's Mother's Highway', this will take us back to the 'Green Man', a slightly religious but innocent era, and a fellow who once had a lot more hair!

Go to to catch up on his many children's releases, and his continuing fascination with Sydney Carter.
This interview on youtube .......

                                                                                         harold frith

Trying to fit 50 years of experience into a 30 minute show is a daunting task in anyone's language.  But Harold Frith, founding member and drummer of 'The Thunderbirds', did his best.  He had poor Wendy both laughing and crying as he remembered the great names that have passed by in his lifetime, and his recall is amazing!
The Thunderbirds were the first charting band in Australia, backed Roy Orbison and Johnny O'Keefe, and have a new cd called 'The Thunderbirds in the 21st Century'.
This interview on youtube ......

                                                doug parkinson                             

Thinking back over the singers from our R & R history, most of them had unique voices.  They weren't trained to try and sound commercially viable, and as a consequence each voice was instantly recognisable.
One such set of vocal chords belongs to the much loved Doug Parkinson, who funnily enough hates hearing his own voice!  However, we all love it.  Doug has enriched our lives since the 'Questions', through 'In Focus', then to the many varied rolls in theatre productions.
He basically started singing at the old 'knees-up' family get togethers around the piano, and Wendy was very happy to take a special trip out to Lilydale to interview him during a short tour.

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Russell Morris - Get your mind right
Swanee - Trouble
Spectrum - Rocket Girl
Jon English - She was Real

gil matthews                 

It is often the case in life that a child who is obviously gifted in a certain field takes a very different path in adulthood.  Aztec's drummer Gil Matthews could read drum music before he could read words, and was dueling drums with Buddy Rich at age 9.  (Gil won!)  A very interesting and informative interview shows the life of a man who combined both playing with one of the loudest headline grabbing bands, and running hugely successful businesses.

Gil is now head of Aztec Music, which releases 70's Aussie music on CD, and is best known for the 'Live at Sunbury' DVD.

                                                 jim keays

You would have had to be a pretty important part of Australian history to be used on one of our stamps, but that is how we all think of the 'Masters Apprentices'.  They dominated our airwaves for many years, and the lovable Jim Keays somehow managed to survive the heady times as all the other original members dropped off and were replaced.
From managing nightclubs to writing books to playing with Darryl Cotton and Russell Morris, we are all estatic that Jim came through a recent health scare and is back entertaining us once again.
Jim sadly passed away 13/6/14 with complications from multiple myloma.  RIP