This is your page.  If you have any special photos of you with someone famous back in the 60's and 70's, please email it in to us. We would love to be able to place it here, and that famous person might even be interested in seeing it themselves!
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Early Chain at Ourimbah Sue with John Farnham 1974 Wendy and da boys! Wendy,Paul, Jerry
Town Hall Hotel

Joey Amenta

 Brolga, John Van Boxtel, Chris Stockley

Early Thunderbirds Early Thunderbirds 2

Very early Seekers

John Dallimore Jon English "Stretch"
Wrokdown producer Anita Monk, Roger McLachlan, wonderful Wen Neale Johns, Brenden Mason Max Merritt, Normie Rowe Ronnie Charles, Jim Keays Strangers 1962, Peter Robinson,Fred Weiland, John Farrar, Graeme Thompson Fred Weiland recent

Leonie, Jon, Narelle Breakfast-A-Go-Go              Peter Reed Bob Valentine,Paul O'Gorman John Blackman,Brian Mannix Chris Wilson, Ernie Rose

The following photos and posters are courtesy of Russ Zimmer

Keith Potger,Tony Naylor Wilbur Wilde, Joe Creighton   Madder Lake Coburg '72 Madder Lake Coburg '72 Madder Lake Coburg '72

Madder Lake Coburg '72 The Strangers at Matildas with John Cosgrove The Coloured Balls at Sunbury Country Radio at the Myer Music Bowl Madder Lake Coburg '72 Buster Brown 74 Sunbury l-r Wilson

Sundowner poster '75, AC DC plus Chelsea Rock '74, Bootleg Band, Madder Lake,Skyhooks South Side 6 '75, Spectrum plus South Side 6 '72, Mother Goose plus South Side 6 '75, Skyhooks plus Rock 'n Rage '73, Ray Burgess plus

Sacha Rock '74, Skyhooks plus Jeans plus '74, Aztecs plus The Sundowner,
The Sundowner, Kush Doug Parkinson circa '72 Russ Zimmer, Lindsay Field late 70's

Rolling Stones, Kooyong '73 pic by Gary Kelly

Rolling Stones Kooyong '73 pic by Gary Kelly Rolling Stones Kooyong '73 pic by Gary Kelly The Hollies at Festival Hall Pirana circa '71 Russ Zimmer with Moby Dick circa '72

Russ Zimmer with Casablanca circa '75 Flash circa '73 Wendy Saddington Sebastians '69 Ron Sandilands & Bob Carey Gil Askey

Stockley See Mason '78  Keith Glass, Phil Manning, Dom Barbuto, Tony Buettel Photographer John Newhill Blackers shows his dogbite

A motley bunch!

Wally Bishop, Issy Dye, Bob Carey

Bruce Rowland & Allan Zavod

Gary & Joan Mac

Gunther Gorman, Dom, Nick Carrafa

Nicolas Lyon

Shane Laffy & Vic Crump Wendy Stapleton & Tony Healey

Dom with Ian Miller 1951 - 2009 Rock In Perpetuity Leslie Avril, Laurie Arthur Dave Evans, Danny Robinson

Barry Smith

John Grant,Ross Ryan, Dom

Tony Naylor, Coxy

Alan Zavod between photographers Newie and Oriana Wally and Rosemary Bishop The Wrokdown team Anita X 2, Wen and Bob

Neale Johns

Ross Ryan, Steve Fraser (3CR) John Newhill Bob Starkie and Dr David Marsh
Top Colin Cook,Graeme Thompson,John Farrar, mid Laurie Allen,Bobby Bright,Peter Robinson, bottom Leon Kamer

Colin Cook, Dom Barbuto, Bobby Bright Beth Ramshaw (3WBC) and Gavin Carroll Mick Hamilton, Lisa Bade and Paul Norton Go-Show flashback L-R

Mark Barnes

Harvey James benefit
main pics courtesy
Oriana Aprico-Wister

Alan Sandow Bill Putt Garth Porter Gavin Carroll Harvey James

Ian Moss Jimi Hocking Mike Rudd Phil Manning Rob Riley Tony Mitchell

Wilbur Wilde and Tony

Go! Show entourage 2011

Bev Harrell, Marcie Jones

Interesting bunch!

Lynn Randell@bananas

The Flies The Wild Colonials

Dom Barbuto and Peter Laffy