Global Song Exchange




This is a resource for artists to use to connect directly with radio presenters, and is only for new releases.
Each presenter has listed what type of music they are looking for, and their audience demographic.  Please email first as an introduction, and be prepared to be asked for a link to your best songs.  A facebook page is not a direct link, but a Bandcamp, Reverbnation or personal website 'listen here' page is.  Take note that presenters may not have itunes, and should never be asked to pay for a track.  Have respect for the email addresses and don't fill inboxes with unrequested tracks. 
Presenters, in return, please have respect for musicians, and if the songs don't suit your show, tell the artist why, and if you feel so obliged, give a little nice constructive criticism.   Musicians are all very proud of what they do.
Presenters, please EMAIL me with your details for the columns.

Presenter Show Station Demog Style Contact
Anita Monk Wrokdown 94.1 3WBC 40+ Commercial, melodies, hooks
J.O.Novark The Backyard Show 2WYR 92.5FM Youth Latest local and independent releases
Mike Raine The Tasmanian Connection Huon fm 95.3
Kingston fm 98.5
Most Tasmania content or artist link
James T DrOpOut to be In edgeradio (net)   TasTal, new Tassie MuSix
Nikki 666 Somewhere in time THRS (net)   Hard rock, heavy metal
Tim Blizzard Rock and Roll tyga fm   Heavy rock and roll
Mark Gardner Australian Made 94.1 3wbc 30+ Local indie, country, pop. rock, acoustic
Larry Dixon Boombastic Bay fm 99.9   All upbeat contemporary
Nia McMartin Storytellers Radio Casey 97.7   Songs with strong story lines. lyrics
Michael Crichton Mostly folk fun and friends 94.1 3wbc   Folk, bush poetry
Michael Crichton Crichton's country music radio show 94.1 3wbc   Country, bluegrass
crazy dave The Rock Shed Great lakes fm 101.5 All Rock, pop, punk, specialising in Aus indie


At Wrokdown, we pride ourselves on finding the best new music around, from Australia and beyond.  As our audience primarily come from the 60's, 70's and 80's we are always on the lookout for songs with elements consistent of those times.  Commercial sounding, good hooks, great musicianship and excellent recordings are our main considerations while searching through piles of songs each week.  We believe that the best songs are not being heard on commercial radio, so getting our shows out to as many stations as possible is most important.
I will be recording a 2 hour show each week and putting it on Dropbox.  The first one runs at 1hr58mins, and is saved as an mp3 at 192kbps - size just under 200mb. 
If you are interested, please EMAIL me with your name and station, and I'll send you a link.


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